Zooming into nanoscale

animation (low resolution)

The animation was created with a row of STM scans. By gradually decreasing the scan range, a zooming effect can be generated. The scale reaches from about 500 nm (0.5 µm) image width in the first picture to 2,5 nm (25 Å) image width in the last picture.  

At first you can see a zooming into a monolayer of  PTCDA - an organic molecule which was made to adsorbe on graphite. Black areas are holes in the 2-dimensional film of PTCDA , whose pattern first becomes visible in picture 11. After a stop of zooming at picture 17, the distance between STM- tip and sample is decreased for piercing the organic film. At picture 19 the graphite starts to become visible. The decreasing of tip/sample distance is stopped, and scan range decreasing resumes for zooming into the hexagonal pattern of graphite (pictures 20 - 25). 

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created by Frank Trixler
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