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WP 1.2 Fundamentals in Materials Science (Excercise), Course E: STM

(Introduction to Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy (STM))

Winter Semester 2022/23

1) Read the Operating Instructions, chapter 1-3 (4), download here;
2) Watch these two videos (Overview, Tutorial) about handling our STM;
3) Registration: Please organize a group of 3 students for a course. Choose a student to contact us (f.trixleratlmu.de) in behalf of the group.
4) After the course, work on our working sheet, download here;
5) Write a report. Submit it to f.trixleratlmu.de. The report should be written like a paper for a scientific journal, with the group members as authors. Guidelines for writing the report download here.

Available dates for half-day courses: 
Feb. 13th - 17th 2023.

In case there are serious reasons for being unable to attend courses within this timeframe, send email to f.trixleratlmu.de